About Us

The Amore Erotica story so far. The business was started over 25 years ago and was called Amore Adult Book Shop owned and run by Ralf & Dorothy for many years. In 2006 Kylie purchased the shop from Ralf & Dorothy and re named it Amore Erotica, Kylie and shop manager Wayne then went about remodelling the shop and introduced many new lines of adult erotica, this was hugely successful and the word was starting to get around about this little shop that was punching well above its weight! Over the next few years Kylie, Wayne and their team were well on the way to becoming one of the best loved adult shops in SA.

In February 2010 Amore Erotica purchased another shop Love Art on Port Road at Hindmarsh, this larger shop was given the make over treatment by the amore erotica team and re- branded, as Kylie, Eva, Fiona, Amy, Demsey and Tabatha set about creating a fun and welcoming adult shopping environment for the ladies, Wayne, Doug, Steve and Troy made sure the guys were not left out!.

In May 2010 an exciting opportunity came along to relocate the original Payneham Road shop to a huge new shop in the same complex. As the old shop was busting at the seams it was agreed and the move was on! By mid May we were trading in a massive new shop, with this Kylie and Wayne decided to re-brand the business with a modern new look and called in branding and e-commerce expert Mark, Mark waved his magic wand and created the branding you see on our stores today, his next task was to create a web site and this was launched in June 2010 once again this has surpassed our expectations and has quickly become a thriving site!. This along with the opening of the amore erotica mega store and the purchasing of the Hindmarsh store has seen amore erotica become a market leader in adult shopping both online and in store.

So what’s next? Kylie and Wayne’s team are always coming up with innovative ideas so you can be sure it won’t be long before something exciting is happening, but what really makes us one of the leading adult stores in SA is our customers you are the ones that we listen to and tell us what you want so thanks from the team at Amore Erotica.